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Why You Should Consider an Oracle Reading

Why You Should Consider an Oracle Reading

When you call to speak to a psychic, each psychic often has a list of the types of tools they use. Some psychics list that they are experienced with both tarot and oracle cards. Tarot is a fairly common option during psychic readings, but oracle cards are less well-known and understood.

Here are some key points about oracle cards and how they can help in your psychic readings and needs.


When a tarot deck is used, they have the same format as other decks. An oracle deck is very different.

Oracle decks do not have a set pattern. They can be made of as many cards as they want, instead of the standard  78 cards of a tarot deck. They also can have different meanings. This makes them more personal to the reader.

The benefit of the personalization of oracle card readings is the ability of the reader to choose a deck that speaks to them. This connection will help to build a stronger connection for you during the read with a more detailed approach to your issue and the answers.


When you are involved in a tarot card reading, you likely know the reader will use a three-card, Celtic cross, or horseshoe spread. These are for specific reasons and purposes that depend on the customer and what your issue may deal with.

For example, a simple answer for your future can be found in a three-card reading. More detailed readings regarding careers and romances may need a larger cross reading. This is not the case with an oracle.

Oracle reading spreads are intuitive. The reader clears their mind and lets the oracle speak to them. This could mean they choose cards from the middle of the deck. They may also choose cards at random.

Many readers begin laying the reading and allow it to go on for as long as they need to give you the answers you need. This may give you more insight into your issue, and it could give the reader a more centralized reading into your issue.


When you seek out a tarot reader, you are generally looking for an answer to definite questions. Though the answers may help, you may also need a bit of inspiration so you can get the ball rolling and move forward with the plans you need to make. For example, you may be seeking answers regarding your career. One of the answers a tarot reader can tell you is if they see a job change in your future.

What they may not be able to go over in the session is how to emotionally ready yourself so you can get to a point where you can move forward. An oracle reading gives you the answer to your question, but it can also tell you what you need to work on in your life, such as your emotions or reactions, to achieve your goals. The oracle, in essence, is the counsellor to the guidance the tarot gave you.

If you need a psychic, contact Grace’s Psychics. We will connect you with a psychic who can perform an oracle or tarot reading. We look forward to helping you find the answers you need for the issues in your life that are holding you back from your fullest potential.

Make sure that you have your question or questions in mind when you call. Also, make sure you are in a part of your home where you will not be disturbed. This allows you to concentrate solely on the reading and helps with the connection between yourself, the spirit guides, and the psychic.

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