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Testimonials about our trusted psychics

Everyone is different.
No two psychic readings are ever the same.
Some of the questions might be the same but our answers never are.

Some people share whatever they can during a Psychic Reading. Others would rather share very little. In any case, we will share everything we can with you. We hear from many people regularly and it never ceases to amaze us when we receive letters and emails from previous callers. Photos of a wedding, a happy family, a new car, a simple ‘thank you’ or “It’s a baby girl!” are always welcomed. You’d think that after more than 30 years, we’d take such things for granted, but we never do. In fact, thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us.

Here are some encouraging words from some of our clients

“Thank you so much to the operator Magdalene. Her psychic reading was incredibly accurate and truthful. It put me on a path to happiness. I am now happily married to a man I love and life is just so wonderful. Magdalene made all the difference, I am forever grateful.”


Love's to love with the truth & insights provided by Grace's Psychics

“Thank you to Michelle from Grace’s Psychic Reading team, she has been such a rock for me over the past few years… all through my darkest moments. Her wisdom and advice have given me insight into my own shortcomings and helped me overcome my fears and become the person I need to be. During the Psychic Reading, she listened and guided me with support and understanding and gave me reasons and ‘how’ for everything. Michelle is truly gifted and I could not have got here without her.”


Found strength and belief in our psychic readings

“Lynette from Grace’s Psychics gave me the best advice. It was an incredibly stressful time… my husband and I had been trying to sell a small business for three years, we were both very depressed as we wanted to retire… we were both 70 and it was time! We had been working through several agents but there was no interest. We decided to advertise the business ourselves and guess how many calls we had? One. The prospective purchaser came out to see us several times but offered us a very low price. We hesitated… the purchasers went quiet. We called Grace’s Psychics, Lynette encouraged us to stick to our price and not contact the buyer but to sit tight. She described the potential buyer so well – she even quoted information no one else could know about. After several months the buyer contacted us again and guess what? We are now happily retired! We are so grateful to Lynette and the psychic reading we had, as she kept us strong throughout the ordeal.”


A big fan of our gifted psychics outcomes

“Thanks so much to Grace’s Psychics… I had a reading with Irene, amazing! Thank you, Irene. I would highly recommend her, she has a real gift and it was the best reading I have ever had. Irene totally puts my mind at ease. I am now so excited about my future – she has given me insight and helped me focus on what is important. I know my future is secure and happy. I can’t wait – what she predicted has already started to happen – It has changed my life.”


Frequent psychic reading customer to Grace's Psychics

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