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Why Do You See a Repeating Tarot Cards?

Why Do You See a Repeating Tarot Cards?

Your tarot card reader draws cards from their deck at random; however, the cards choose when to reveal themselves. Each card that makes up your spread has some significance. It works as part of a greater whole to give you more insight.

However, sometimes, you see one tarot card more often than others. Why does a card recur repeatedly and how can you decipher its meaning?

What is a repeating tarot card?

If you have regular tarot readings, then you might get used to seeing some cards more than once. However, a repeating card is slightly different.

This card typically turns up all the time. You’re likely to see it in every reading you have. It doesn’t matter which pack of cards you use or which spread you choose. The card appears somewhere every time.

You might also see the card in different types of reading. For example, it might be drawn in a love, career, finance or general consultation. Every tarot card reading and the meaning of its cards are different, but this card becomes a constant.

Why do you get a repeating tarot card?

If you see a recurring card in all your tarot readings, then you’re getting an important message. The card doesn’t turn up by chance; it is trying to tell you something specific.

The card might denote an action that you haven’t yet taken or guidance that you haven’t yet accepted. You might be consciously or subconsciously avoiding something that the card is trying to tell you.

Or, you might simply be asking the same question in different ways. The card responds consistently to the question even if you word it differently.

If you don’t accept or understand the card’s meaning and act on it, then you can’t move on. The card will return time after time until you deal with the underlying message.

What can you do about a repeating tarot card?

Sometimes, you’ll know why a certain card returns. You might not want to accept what it tells you, so you try to ignore it.

For example, say you’re having doubts about your relationship. You aren’t sure that your partner is as committed as you are. During a love spread reading, your reader draws the reversed Lovers card. They tell you that the card might denote that the relationship is one-sided.

If you can’t accept this, then you might box away your worries and doubts. However, every time you have a reading after that, the reversed Lovers card recurs. Here, you can break the cycle yourself by accepting what the card tells you and working forward from that point.

However, a repeating card doesn’t always have such an obvious meaning. Its significance might become clear when you understand it, but you might find it hard to get to this stage.

A gifted reader can help you understand the significance of a repeating card. Working together, you can work out why the card appears so often and what it means.

If you need extra help here, then your reader might suggest that you have a repeating card spread reading. This spread focuses on the card and its significance.

For example, the spread might look at the message that the card is trying to give you. It might also look at reasons why you can’t accept the card or act on its guidance.

At the end of the reading, you should have a clear idea of why the card recurs and any actions you need to take. Once you have this insight and follow the card’s guidance, you should stop the repeating cycle.

If you need extra help to understand the significance of recurring cards, then call Grace’s Psychics. Our gifted tarot card readers can guide you towards the insight you seek.

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