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What is a past life reading and what can it tell me?

What is a past life reading and what can it tell me?

A past life reading is a method of learning about your past lives. It can help you understand who you were in a previous life, what you did and how that affects your current life. A past life reading can also help you better understand your relationships with those around you. It can help explain why you are drawn to certain people and why you have certain fears or phobias.

If you want to learn more about past life readings, this blog post will explain what they are, how they work and what you can expect from a reading.

What exactly is a past life reading?

A past life reading is performed by analysing information about your previous lives using either your birth date or your full name. This knowledge is said to be hidden in the Akashic Records, a spiritual realm that contains all knowledge and information about every soul that has ever existed.

A past life reading involves the reader using their psychic abilities to access the Akashic Records and retrieve information about your previous lives. This information can be presented to you in a variety of ways, including visions, symbols, memories and feelings.

How does a past life reading work?

Finding a qualified reader is the first step in having a past life reading. It is important to select someone who has the experience and with whom you feel at ease. After you’ve found a reader, it’s time to unwind and clear your mind. The reader will then tune into the Akashic Records and start receiving information about your past lives.

What is the Akashic Record?

The Akashic Record is a spiritual repository of all human experience. It contains every thought, feeling, and action that has ever occurred in human history. Some people believe that we can access the Akashic Record through meditation or prayer. Others believe that past life regression or hypnosis can be used to access the Akashic Record. There is no one way to connect with the Akashic Record that is correct. Some people can access it naturally, while others may require the assistance of a qualified guide or practitioner.

What can you expect to learn from a past life reading?

Past life readings can reveal important information about your soul’s journey. You might discover your talents, strengths and weaknesses. You might also gain insight into your current situation and the lessons you’re here to learn in this lifetime. A past life reading can be an extremely effective tool for self-discovery and growth. If you’re curious about your past lives, look for a qualified psychic reader who can assist you in exploring your Akashic Records.

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