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How the Tarot Helps You Decide Whether to Accept a Marriage Proposal

How the Tarot Helps You Decide Whether to Accept a Marriage Proposal

If your partner has recently proposed, then they likely hoped you would say yes on the spot. However, you may have felt that you needed time to mull things over. Now, you may be unsure whether to accept the proposal or not.

If you’ve had some time to think and you’re no closer to a decision, you may feel more confused than ever. While this is a decision you have to make for yourself, you can get help tapping into your true feelings.

A love tarot card reading could help you make your mind up. Why is this a good thing to try? Here are three ways a tarot reading can help.

Get an independent view

You’ve probably talked to some of your family or friends about the proposal already. They will have given you lots of advice.

However, this advice isn’t always objective. People bundle their own thoughts and feelings into the advice they give. They often tell you to do what they want you to do or think you should do.

For example, your mum may be keen for you to accept the proposal. She’s so set on seeing you settle down that the thought of you actually getting married is stronger than her objective needs to see you happy.

Or, your best friend may be leaning the other way. She may not like your partner that much and she may be subconsciously scared of losing you. She can’t help you see things more clearly either because her feelings colour the advice she gives.

A love tarot reading focuses solely on you and your feelings. The cards you choose, and the way they are turned and read, give you a pure perspective that isn’t coloured by anyone else’s opinions or feelings.

Tap into your true feelings

It’s not always easy to know exactly how you feel when you are conflicted. Life gets in the way and disrupts the connection you have to your true feelings.

You’ll try to go with your gut here; however, you can’t help thinking about other factors. You may imagine what life would be like if you did or didn’t get married.

Your feelings may get a little lost in thinking about practical things like where you’d live and whether you’d have children. You worry about how your partner would feel if you turned them down.

A love tarot reading reconnects you with your innermost feelings and gut instincts. It may not tell you anything you didn’t really know, but it will connect you to the feelings that matter. Once you get back in touch with those feelings, you’ll understand what matters to you and what doesn’t. Everything should become much clearer.

Make the best decision for both of you

If you make a decision on whether to accept a proposal or not without true clarity, then you could make the wrong choice. This harms your future happiness and that of your partner.

For example, if you decide to say yes because you love your partner and can’t face turning them down, then you won’t necessarily have a happy marriage. Love isn’t always enough if you aren’t with a true partner. Without a real connection and real work toward the relationship, both of you will be unhappy in your souls.

A love tarot reading helps you see things more clearly now and into the future. It can indicate whether marriage is in your cards or not right now.

For example, if your reader turns the Ace of Cups or Two of Cups cards, then this is a sign that you have a strong relationship that could go the distance. Your cards help you make confident decisions that are true to your inner feelings and that keep you on the correct life path.
If you aren’t sure whether to accept a proposal or not, contact Grace’s Psychics. Our talented love tarot readers can help you find peace and space to make the right decision.

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