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3 Reasons to Have a Relationship Spread Tarot Reading

3 Reasons to Have a Relationship Spread Tarot Reading

Relationships don’t always go smoothly. Even if things seem to be solid on the surface, you may have subconscious worries about your current relationship. If you’re feeling this way right now, then a relationship spread tarot card reading can help.

You Aren’t Happy

If you aren’t 100% happy in your relationship, then you can’t invest in it wholeheartedly. You may feel like you’re treading water. You aren’t so unhappy that you want to break things off, but you have niggling worries that things aren’t quite right.

Often, you won’t know why you have these worries or what they mean. They simply take the shine off the relationship for you and make you doubt its future.

A relationship or love tarot reading helps you focus on key aspects of your feelings that aren’t clear to you right now. So, for example, you gain a deeper understanding of how you feel about your partner.

The cards also tell you more about what you want and need from the relationship. You start to understand whether your partner is meeting or can meet these desires.

This information helps you see why you might not be happy. Once you know this, you can think about changes that you or your partner could make to improve the situation.

You Aren’t Sure of Your Partner

Sometimes, you can be happy in a relationship, but you aren’t quite sure that your partner is on the same page. They haven’t said anything in particular or done anything specific; however, you have a feeling that they aren’t as happy with things as you are.

Your partner may feel that the relationship is at a different stage than you do. For example, they may not be ready for the commitment that you want to make. Or, they could have needs from the relationship that you aren’t fulfilling.

A relationship reading tells you how your partner feels about you, the relationship and your future. If you get a better understanding of your partner’s hidden feelings, then you’ll be more comfortable. If changes — from either of you — would improve things, then you can discuss how to take things forward.

You Don’t Know Where the Relationship Is Going

Some relationships stagnate after a while. After the first flush of excitement, they float along without seeming to progress. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is a bad one; you may both simply be stuck in a rut.

As well as telling you what you both want from the relationship right now, a tarot reading gives you an insight into what you both want and need from it in the future. You get a clearer idea of whether you both want the same things and, if you don’t, whether your different desires are ultimately compatible.

Physical, emotional and mental compatibility create the foundations of a successful relationship. A reading that examines these connections tells you a lot about whether you’ll last as a couple.

In some cases, this information might tell you that you have no real future together. For example, the reading might find that your partner doesn’t see this as a long-term relationship and has already been unfaithful to you.

In other cases, you learn things that put your mind at rest or allow you to push things on. For example, if you find out that your partner sees you as their life-partner but that they aren’t ready to make a formal commitment just yet, then you know that the relationship has a future if you are prepared to wait.

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